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Dental cleaning services at 20 Finch Dental are professionally performed by the dentist or dental hygienist. Most dental cleanings take approximately 1 hour. Cleanings should be performed every six months to prevent excessive plaque buildup. Plaque left untreated can lead to unhealthy gums and tooth decay.

A routine dental cleaning should include scaling, root planing and polishing. Scaling and root planing is the process of removing plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces with a variety of methods, depending on the amount of plaque and tartar. Dental hygienists traditionally perform scaling by hand. However, new and advanced technology has led to more modern methods such as electric scalers. This sophisticated tool allows dental cleanings to be performed more efficiently and in less time. Both electric and manual scaling methods can be combined to achieve the best results. Polishing completes the cleaning, making the surface of the teeth smooth and minimizing future plaque build-up.

  • Have you had your teeth cleaned in the last six months? Dental cleanings are one of the simplest preventative measures that can be done, and your 20 Finch Dental care team are happy to give you a thorough and gentle cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and give you confidence to smile.

    Five reasons why regular teeth cleaning and check up are essential

    • remove plaque, tartar (calculus) and tooth stains
    • give the dentist the chance to check your mouth to catch cavities and gum disease early
    • give the dentist a chance to get cavities early
    • get rid of bad breath
    • give a bright and white smile

    Ultrasonic scalers act primarily to remove plaque and stains from tooth surfaces in areas that normal brushing and flossing can’t reach. A substantial build-up of tartar creates an environment that harbors gum disease, and cleaning these areas can act to prevent gingivitis, tooth decay, and loss of enamel from teeth.